CSR Provides International Mediation Training In Brazil

Frank Carr and Bob Randolph have just completed a successful three day international commercial mediation training in Sao Paolo, Brasil (November 15-17), for The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) and CAMARB. CPR (based in NYC) is the leading non-profit independent resource helping global business and their lawyers resolve complex commercial disputes more cost effectively and efficiently. CAMARB (Chamber of Arbitration-Brasil) is one of the three leading dispute resolution providers in Brasil.

Carr and Randolph were training with some of the top lawyers and arbitrators in Brasil, many of whom either represented, or handled arbitrations for Fortune 500 countries. The training was quite well received. In the words of one participant, a senior partner in a major law firm:

“I have to confess that it was a difficult process of negotiation with my wife and kids to participate in the training program and not to travel with them and enjoy the holiday in Brazil, but everything became easier after sharing with them the histories, exercises and my enthusiasm with everything that I learned during the three days. You are great. Be sure that we will spread the word here in Brazil about the quality and professionalism that we experienced.”

It was fascinating to see how easily some of the more adversarial negotiators were able to adapt to a facilitative mediation style. CSR looks forward to returning to Brasil.

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